Liked this food truck!  I tried their Chicken Kung Wow flat bread and was super impressed with the balanced flavor combination.  Had been a bit worried based on previous reviews that it would be too sweet due to the hoisin, but it was just right with the spiced grilled chicken and the crunchy cashews.

Also had to try their Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese side.   Yum!  Creamy with a perfect topping of bacon and green onions, but what really made it was the drizzle of a honey balsamic.  Mmmmm!


June 1 · 

Went out on what was supposed to be a rainy night. Food was delicious. We got the BLT and the Truffle chicken. Our kids can be picky eaters and they loved their BLT. Thanks for still coming out and I hope we didn’t end up being your only patrons.



July 6 at 9:09 PM · 

The Kong Wow was amazing. Good heat and flavor. The cashews sent it over the top.


May 5 · 

Flattz is amazing! One of the best tasting food trucks in the Triangle! Tony and his staff provide the most outstanding service! Highly recommend!


May 21 · 


This sandwich is to freaking die for.... I should stop here, right?


The pork is thin sliced, super flavorful, melt in your mouth yuminess! The pickles are spot on. The gooey cheese is fantabulous, yes, that's a word!

Now let me tell you, this rivals ANY Cuban sandwich that you will ever have in Miami!

Mark my words, they know their stuff...

This has to be in my top 3 must follow/go food trucks... that says a lot!!

I am so happy at this time, I'm having a hard time explaining all the happiness that I am feeling!